Amy Shields, PRC, Michael Mermelstein and Stephen Zuppas, CPA (pictured left to right), Purchase Reputable Research Company

FREMONT, California, February 22, 2016 – On January 4, 2016, AMS Ventures, Inc., a company established by partners Amy Shields, PRC, Michael Mermelstein and Steve Zuppas, CPA, finalized the purchase of Nichols Research (previously Nichols Research, Inc.) for the purpose of broadening the depth and breadth of the company’s reputation, products and services. The headquarters of the new company will remain in Fremont, California, with additional marketing research facilities in San Francisco, San Jose/Sunnyvale and Fresno, California.

While Nichols Research, Inc. was a Bay Area and Central California business stalwart for nearly four decades, the new owners look forward to the opportunity, challenge and responsibility of continuing and building upon the legacy of the premium brand – now named Nichols Research. (See Welcome under the About Us tab above or continue to read the infographic and even further below for more information and details.)

President, Amy Shields, PRC (an executive for Nichols Research, Inc. from 1995 to 2008), is tasked with successfully providing strategic leadership, setting best practices and day-to-day operations. Shields’ experience since 2008 includes three years as a corporate researcher, several years as an independent marketing research consultant and successful execution as an industry spokesperson through publications, a variety of speaking engagements, her work on industry standards and ethics for the Marketing Research Association (MRA) and extensive industry advocacy with organizations including the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA), the Advertising Federation and numerous universities. She is certified as an expert professional researcher, a trained moderator, the current editor of MRA’s Alert! magazine, the recipient of several industry awards and has appeared on numerous media outlets including NBC’s The Today Show, ABC30’s Action News and NBC’s KSEE24 News.

“With the infusion of a fun new culture and a revitalized strategic plan, Nichols Research promises to continue to provide the premium service the brand name has demanded for almost four decades,” said President, Amy Shields, while also expanding our services, investing in technology and looking to the future in order to provide more valuable answers than ever for decision-making.”

Executive Vice President, Michael Mermelstein will focus much of his efforts on client service, retention and growth and business development, while assisting in the management of budgets and other operational procedures. Mermelstein comes to Nichols Research with more than 30 years of expert experience in the marketing research industry, including as an entrepreneur in consulting services, quantitative marketing research, national and international field management, business development and political polling. He is a trained Riva moderator, holds a B.A. in history and political science and is the recipient of several industry awards including MRA’s highest recognition, the Honorary Lifetime Member Award. Mermelstein is a past MRA Chairman of the Board and Chair of the Advisory Board, and since 2007 has been an active member of the Board of Directors for the Marketing Research Institute International (MRII).

Chief Financial Officer, Stephen Zuppas, CPA, will be in charge of accounting, financial planning and forecasting, risk management and detailed budgeting. Zuppas’ has extensive experience managing financial and accounting activities to facilitate company profitability and growth, including 20 years in the marketing research industry. He holds a B.S. in accounting, is a certified public accountant, is affiliated with the Maryland Society of Accountants and a Founder/Board of Director for the Himarrioton Society of America.