Our Story


Stephen Zuppas, CPA, Amy Shields, PRC and Michael Mermelstein (pictured left to right), Purchase Reputable Research Company

A Brief History of the Company

On January 4, 2016, Amy Shields, Michael Mermelstein and Steve Zuppas, working as partners of AMS Ventures, Inc. purchased Nichols Research, Inc and established a new company – Nichols Research.

Of course, that does not a special story make. To understand the spirit of Nichols Research today, we must first go back to the beginning…and the legacy entrusted to us.

The late Mimi Nichols, after the success of a potato chip focus group in her living room with clients viewing from the kitchen, established Nichols Research, Inc. (NRI) in 1978. Mimi was an icon in the marketing research industry with a keen business sense, the ability to foresee trends long before most, and an uncanny knack for identifying talent. Enter Jane Rosen in 1984. Together, for more than three decades, the two women reigned powerfully, creating a unique blend of high standards, professionalism and heart. Upon Mimi’s untimely passing in 2012 the role of president was assumed by Jane Rosen, whose leadership from 2010 to early 2016 continued the NRI legacy.

As Nichols Research began its new era of leadership, its partners remained inspired by the founders who came before, including some of the favorite sayings often heard around the office from 1978 to 2015: “You have to be willing to take risks,” “You really get out of it what you put into it,” “Take your vitamins and brace yourself,” “We are considered market leaders and will strive to keep that standing,” and “Always look for new opportunities.”

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