From Our President

 Dear Clients, Partners, Providers, and Respondents,

It is with gratitude and a great sense of responsibility that Nichols Research’s owners and personnel engage in practices that anticipate the needs of our stakeholders by supplying marketing research that inspires and delivers solutions.

With the infusion of a fun new culture and a revitalized strategic plan, Nichols Research provides the premium service the brand name has demanded for almost four decades, while also expanding our services, investing in technology and looking to the future to ensure more valuable answers than ever for decision-making.

These are a few of our favorite words which are pinned in many of our internal creative spaces serving, in part, as a foundation for our company’s culture: Ethical. Curious. Insatiable. Edgy. Creative. Strategic. Destructive. Ambassadors. Inspiring. Masterminds. Fun. Positive. Solution-oriented. Storytellers. Non-complacent. Sexy. Collaborative. Diverse. Fair. Vigilant. Transparent.

To the benefit of all of our stakeholders, we promise to:

  • Be a pathway to decisions.
  • Be mindful, transparent and humane in our business — with clients, personnel, partners and each other.
  • Be a company who encourages, supports and participates in philanthropic community activities.
  • Care about the satisfaction and growth — personally, professionally and financially — of our team.
  • Maintain an infrastructure that supports people being excited to come to work every day and making a difference.
  • Start with yes and talk each other out of it.
  • Believe the problem is never the problem — state the problem but focus on the solution.
  • Have fun even on hard days — some ridiculousness and laughter are mandatory!
  • Be insatiable and crush everything we do. Take risks, some of which are more successful than others, but failure is not in our DNA. There’s always a lesson.
  • Look to the future for short- and long-term growth and not be complacent through yesterday’s success.
  • Feel like a family but be managed as an innovative business, with operating and marketing plans, budgets, growth strategies, etc.
  • Never forget who we are or what our vision is; stay true to our integrity and mission.
  • Be equal opportunity collaborators, not too good or afraid to get our hands dirty.

Thank you for entrusting us with helping you on your path to gaining or sharing insights and strategies.


Amy Shields, PRC