Nichols Research may have personal email addresses in its email system or data files that are acquired through:

  • Requests for information submitted to our website
  • Emails/phone numbers sent to Nichols Research
  • Research surveys completed for Nichols Research
  • Clients who have provided email addresses / phone numbers for research purposes

The CAN Spam act of 2003 applies specifically to commercial emails sent for the purpose of sales or direct marketing. Nichols Research does not fall into this category, as we never sell anything. However, it voluntarily observes the CAN SPAM act requirements that can be applied to survey research. Nichols Research uses email as a means of communicating to known or believed clients and customers. When email is used to invite respondents to participate in surveys, the following processes are used to ensure we do not send SPAM:

  • We clearly identify ourselves and / or our end-client when sending an invitation
  • We provide contact information should there be any questions or concerns
  • We provide the option to be removed from future email research invitations
  • We reuse email addresses as legitimate follow-up to survey research

These processes ensure that we contact only those who could have an expectation of being contacted for research purposes.

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