1. Who is Nichols Research?
  2. What kind of research does Nichols Research conduct?
  3. What is a focus group?
  4. Who are research participants?
  5. What do research participants get for qualifying & participating in the study?
  6. When do I get paid?
  7. How will I be paid?
  8. The last time I participated, I was paid a different amount. Why the difference?
  9. Who is your client?
  10. Who are ideal candidates to participate in marketing research?
  11. What kind of questions will I be asked over the phone to determine my qualifications?
  12. Why are you asking my age, ethnic background and level of education?
  13. What exactly is the study about?
  14. If I qualify, why wasn’t I invited?
  15. Why am I on “hold” status?
  16. What is a “firm” commitment?
  17. Why do you need a “firm” commitment?
  18. How do I cancel my appointment?
  19. I am on the national “Do Not Call” list. Why can you still call me?
  20. I no longer wish to hear from Nichols Research. Will you remove me from your email lists?
  21. What’s the gimmick? What are you selling?
  22. How do you protect my information?

If you have a question you don’t see above, please Contact Us or call us at 510.794.2990.