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  • Two spacious customizable suites with one-way mirrors
  • Modern, productive and creative atmosphere
  • Large open-space multi-purpose room (North Beach and Telegraph Hill combined separated with an airwall for two breakout rooms with individual viewing or one large multi-purpose research suite with dual viewing rooms/angles)
  • One focus group suite with closed circuit viewing for third breakout room and/or independent research/public room
  • All observation rooms feature two or four-tiered seating for maximum client viewing and comfort
  • All conference and observation rooms feature IDEA paint (i.e., whiteboards for brainstorming and/or co-creation) walls for real-time note taking, analytics and projection
  • Large kitchen with refrigerator space (no range/oven) to accommodate beverage and other CLTs
  • Easy access to three international airports
  • Display/store setup area
  • High-speed Internet access and Wi-Fi
  • Video conferencing
  • Video streaming
  • Usability/UX labs
  • Translation equipment
  • Digital audio and video

North Beach:

Our largest suite, with creative client workspace and four-tiered viewing/client community brainstorming area.

  • Research/conference room dimension: 17’7″ X 22’2″
  • Client/observation room dimension: 17’7″ X 22’2″

North Beach-Research-Conference-Room

North Beach Research Conference Room

North Beach-Client-Observation-Room

North Beach Client Observation

Telegraph Hill:

Now, as with all of our suites and observation rooms, with IDEA walls.

  • Research/conference room dimension: 18’9″ X 18’1″
  • Client/observation room dimension: 18’9″ X 17’2″

Telegraph Hill-Research-Conference-Room

Telegraph Hill Research Conference Room

Telegraph Hill-Client Observation Room

Telegraph Hill Client Observation


An extra multi-purpose room for mock jury breakouts, focus groups, IDIs, UX, etc., with closed circuit observation.

  • Research/conference room dimension: 13’4″ X 15’3″
  • Client/observation capability: Up to six clients


Sausalito Research Conference Room

Our Building: