• The only personal information actively collected by Nichols Research is that which is voluntarily provided by the respondent.
  • Nichols Research does not place files or programs such as cookies on an individual’s computer while they are visiting our website. Individual browsers may send limited system information such as IP addresses and originating websites; this information may be viewed to help understand how our website is used.
  • Personal information is safeguarded on secured systems and is used only for the purpose stated. This information is only accessible by select Nichols Research employees.
  • In order to respond to an inquiry, an email address or other contact information may be requested when we are contacted through our General Inquiry Page and Online Registration.
  • Our website may contain hyperlinks to websites outside of Nichols Research. Data collection privacy policies may be different on hyperlinked sites not owned by Nichols Research, therefore we recommend that the Privacy Policy/Statement be read thoroughly for each site visited.
  • Participants consent to the terms of the Nichols Research Privacy Policy and use of their information upon entering the Nichols Research website.

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