Nichols Research is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of personal information. We do not conduct sales or direct marketing, nor do we provide personal information to be used for direct contact sales or marketing purposes.

Nichols Research is committed to adhering to industry standards and best practices, including (as mandated by membership with the organization) the Insights Association’s (IA) Code of Standards and Ethics for Marketing Research and Data Analytics.

We are a marketing research and consulting company, providing clients with access to qualified research participants for the purpose of identifying the needs and preferences of their target audience – ultimately providing a pathway to decisions.

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To contact a Nichols Research representative regarding our Privacy Policy: Send an email directly to or phone us at 510.794.2990 and ask to speak with Amy Shields.

Nichols Research reserves the right to modify and update this policy and its related business practices at any time. Please view this Privacy Policy on a regular basis. This privacy policy was last updated 07/19/2018.