CATI Capabilities

Our CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) Capabilities optimize your phone survey data collection needs

Whether for public opinion surveys, political polling, customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys or more, our CATI capabilities make for smoother operation to satisfy your timely data collection 

Our Expertise is among the best in the industry

  • Experienced interviewers, supervisors, managers and executive team
  • Spanish bi-lingual interviewing
  • Flexible and easy to work with
  • A dedicated focus on training equals quality results and deliverables
  • 40 station call center with the ability to call all U.S. time zones
  • Supplemented by remote interviewers located throughout the U.S. providing maximum capacity
  • Tabulated data upon request

Our Voxco CATI system includes a powerful questionnaire design toolbox providing:

  • Programming of complex question types
  • Coding open end questions
  • Robust sample loading, management, and reporting
  • Easy survey scripting
  • SQL interoperability
  • Smart quality control
  • Defining and managing calling rules
  • Flexibility and reactivity in the field through changes on the go, multi-lingual capabilities, and customizable interviewer experience