National Field Management

National Field Management

Nichols Research is a full-service marketing research company, which means we specialize in more than data collection methodologies. We continuously strive to evolve and meet the ever-changing demands put on you to deliver solutions faster and more efficiently. That’s why our team is dedicated to removing unnecessary layers from the research management process for our partners.

As stakeholder demands are rapidly changing, we are here to help you meet your research objectives — in our local markets, nationally and internationally.

Our team of experts recognizes that most marketing research plans include more than a one-off project in a single market. When meeting your objectives requires recruiting respondents in multiple locations — domestically or abroad — Nichols Research has the experience and quality relationships built over time to ensure a seamless experience working with just one company to bring everything together.

We promise to provide worry-free service and the highest quality field management service you can trust in the insights and strategies industry.

Examples of national/international methodological areas of field management where you can entrust us to make life easier:

  • Intercept interviews at unique locations
  • Traditional on-site intercepts (at pre-approved locations, etc.)
  • Mall intercepts
  • Pre-recruits to conventional and non-traditional physical locations (all methodological approaches and most consumer, B2B, medical specialties)
  • Pre-recruits to online platforms