Online Research Platform

As digital research and behavior accelerate more than ever, now is the perfect time to capture and leverage qualitative consumer and B2B insights online, across the U.S. and beyond!

Now more than ever, cloud-based research tools are in high demand. Nichols Research offers unparalleled usability and functionality in the highly secure environment of our OnlineQual platform. Let us partner with you on your next online qualitative research study, whether for larger groups, in-depth interviews, or anything in-between. 

At a more competitive cost than most platforms, we can ensure user experiences that closely mirror in-person research.  

Our online tool offers real-time streaming solutions, ease of use, and customization for how you view the research (with three options, from anonymous observation with the ability to communicate with each other, to high-speed life-like live video streaming).

Additionally, our online platform enables you to pick and use the tools needed to best reach your objectives, because like recruiting and other aspects of your study, no two are quite the same.

Optional tools at no additional cost include:

  • Screen and document sharing
  • Whiteboarding
  • File and link sharing during research
  • Polling
  • Video uploads and AI transcripts
  • Document/stimuli mark-up tools programmed in-house for easy capture of real-time respondent feedback (ask for a demo ‘tour’ or link of examples, turning stimuli into links for mark-up, ranking, rating, and more) 

Each study includes technical checks prior to the research, as well as a dedicated technician to provide support before (from client demonstrations and ‘training’ to respondent tech checks prior to the start of your research), and throughout each study session or group (including handling screen sharing or other sharing of stimuli so moderators can concentrate on moderating, not technical needs).

Please contact us at to set up a demonstration or to learn more!