Quantitative Services

Let The Data Do The Talking

Whether it’s online surveys, in-person or telephone interviews, or stand-alone programming and hosting – we offer a consultative, full-service approach to your quantitative research needs.

The ability to provide cost-effective research with hard, numbers-driven results allows our clients to view their research in another light, ultimately resulting in a complete view surrounding decision-making.

If you are seeking data from a national perspective, that from a more rural population, or you require pinpointed targeting to obtain data from a different standpoint found within a variable region of the San Francisco Bay Area – let our quantitative data collection team work with you to design your survey and research methodology.

We Use Innovative Tools

To handle the most complex quotas and skip logic patterns to ensure quality from beginning to end.

We will program, host, maintain and monitor your survey throughout the term of the study in order to preserve quality and to alleviate your resources so that they are free to work on other important initiatives. Simply provide us with the screening criteria and survey questions (or use our consultative services to have us create them!) and watch your survey come to life.

Your Director of Marketing Research will download and format the results for easy delivery. This same download capability also makes it easy and convenient for us to help you with analysis when consultative services are requested. Or, you can choose from a variety of client dashboard options, giving you control of how and when you view the data.

Quantitative Specialties

  1. Public opinion surveys
  2. Political polling/campaign discovery/validation
  3. Attitudinal, usage and brand awareness
  4. Customer satisfaction studies
  5. Employee surveys