Remote Services

No Facility? Facility Not Big Enough? Facility Booked? No Problem!

Let our remote project management team manage, recruit and facilitate your next remote research study throughout Northern, Southern and Central California…and beyond.

For nearly two decades we have organized focus groups, field studies, dial tests, executive interviews and mock juries in markets lacking traditional facilities.

Whether your desired market is lacking traditional research facilities or another facility just does not have availability or the space needed, let us successfully manage your remote marketing research services to ensure that every aspect of your project runs smoothly.

Non-traditional locations include hotel conference rooms, convention centers, community meeting rooms, private room rentals, amusement parks, kitchens-for-rent, restaurants — and beyond. Virtually any space can be transformed for marketing research whether because the research needs to be in a market where a traditional facility doesn’t exist, or because it’s merely the best option for a study with unique requirements.

Our remote market services include:

  1. Facilities
  2. Recruiting
  3. Food service
  4. Staffing
  5. Audio and visual 
  6. Streaming 

Take Your Research Anywhere

Nichols Research’s diverse, non-traditional experience in remote markets uniquely qualifies us to be your creative masterminds.

Assigned a Nichols Research Senior Director of Marketing Research and audio/visual specialist with over 20-years of marketing research experience, all remote projects are guaranteed the white-glove treatment. This niche experience allows you to save money and rest easy about a seamless outcome when conducting non-traditional marketing research.