Video Conferencing

Can’t physically attend your focus group? Can’t justify the cost of video streaming to accommodate a few who can’t travel?

Consider viewing your research sessions from any video conferencing compatible location and interact with the on-site team post-research session.

For non-research public room clients, connect with others via a reliable video connection. A private suite is provided with a large, flat-screen monitor to view your live conference. Send your client to our office and meet remotely using video conferencing services.

Enjoy complimentary light snacks and refreshments during public conference room use.

Video Conferencing Is Great For:

  • Viewing research from a remotely connected location
  • Legal dispositions
  • International and national job interviews
  • Multi-location conferences

Other Use Examples for Video Conferencing: 

  • Hands-free communication
  • Exchanging text and visuals using two-way document cameras
  • Encryption of incoming and outgoing transmissions to ensure privacy

Please email with questions or for more information.