At Nichols Research we understand that stationary video recording of your research is a standard requirement. That’s why it is a complimentary offering included in the cost of the facility rental.*

Our stationary video provides you with the ability to video record, video stream – or both. Our standard recording format is DVD with additional digital formats (.AVI, .MOV, .FLV) available as an alternate (or in addition) to our standard delivery.

Nichols Research also offers professional in-house operator assisted video recording. Operator assisted video recording can enhance services such as video conferencing, video streaming and UX/usability labs by capturing close-ups of respondents, products and graphics.

Off-site video recording is also available for projects conducted at hotels, conference centers or client locations.

In-house duplication services, including digital, are available for copies of DVDs and CDs.

* Complimentary video does not apply to mock jury research projects.